by Tina

On this page you can find the free plant based weight loss menus I have put together. See below ….

Before you check them out I would love to share my views on weight loss and counting calories with you. Losing weight is a calories in / calories out equation. When we eat more than our body uses up we will gain weight. Not every weight gain has the same effect on our health though. We can gain weight from eating too much healthy, plant based whole foods but this would have a different effect on our health than gaining weight from too much chips, bacon and pizza.

In the ideal situation we wouldn’t have to pay attention to our calories, we all would eat intuitively. Easy and fuss free.

The fact is that not everybody knows what healthy meals look like or how much food is needed to get enough nutrients in. These menus are designed to be nutrient dense, they average around 1500 calories. If you need more energy, you eat a larger portion. Even if you are not trying to lose weight you can follow these meal plans, just eat more. 1500 calories will usually leave you with a caloric deficit and you will start to lose weight. Because the meals are nutrient dense your body doesn’t react as if it is starving by shutting down your metabolism.

The goal is to learn what healthy plant based meals look like, to discover how much of these foods you need for optimal energy and satisfaction. And first of all to lose weight in a sustainable, healthy way. When you have reached your goal weight you can slowly build up the daily amount of calories you are consuming to level out and stop losing more. This will also get your metabolism fired up and you will be able to eat more food and stay lean. Also in a period of a few weeks your taste buds will get used to new flavors and also new quantities of healthy food which will make making choices easier and more clear.

More on How to Stop Dieting after you have reached your goal weight and Staying Lean coming …

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