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How to restore your pH balance, starting NOW!

by Tina

Alkalizing december, part 2…

This month I am focusing on alkalizing the body. There are a lot of questions about the how and why of an alkaline diet. And also about how to add more alkalizing food to any daily routine. Little changes which you can implement starting today  and keep up during the upcoming holidays.  These changes will make huge differences to your health and energy.

And the answer to the question “What is the biggest difference for me between a diet rich in fruits and an alkaline diet?”

Dark Rainy Morning …. time for a Light Sweet Juice to start the day off on the right note. The broccoli stalks and fennel bulb make it nice mild and sweet. One small fennel bulb, 2 celery sticks, half of a cucumber, one stalk of a broccoli,half of a lemon, piece of ginger. Great juice for newbies! You could add a green apple for some extra sweetness if desired.
NR.1 Water
The first change you can make starting now is adding more, read enough clean filtered water. That sounds doable, doesn’t it?
Still, most people seem to forget this during the day. And  no, coffee, black and green tea do not count for water. Neither does juice. Herbal teas can be enjoyed for most of them are alkalizing.
We are talking about 1 liter per 40 pounds of body weight or per 18 kg. This probably sounds a lot and is much more than you are drinking at this moment. Working out requires even more to replace lost fluids.
So this means not the 8 glasses water per day but more between 12 to 16 cups per day, depending on your body weight and activities. A glass every hour.
Drinking water can and should be a part of your day. A regularity to which your body will get accustomed to quite easily and quickly. In the beginning it will feel like you are spending a lot more time at the restroom but your body will get used to getting hydrated and it will absorb and use the extra water more efficiently.
For example,
  • 7h00  Right after waking up ….  500ml / 2 cups of water
  • 7h30  Breakfast
  • 8h30  250ml / 1 cup of water
  • 9h30  250ml / 1 cup of water of herb tea
  • 10h00  Snack
  • 10h30  250ml / 1 cup of water
  • 11h30  250ml / 1 cup of water
  • 12h00  Lunch
  • 13h00  250ml / 1 cup of water
  • 14h00  250ml / 1 cup of water
  • 15h00 Snack
  • 15h30  250ml / 1 cup of water
  • 16h30  250ml / 1 cup of water
  • 17h30 250ml / 1 cup of water
  • 18h30  Dinner
  • 19h30  250ml / 1 cup of water
  • 20h30  250ml / 1 cup of herb tea or water
  • 22h30  250ml / 1 cup of water for the night
Every hour but not less then 30 minutes before, during or after a meal. Spread it out throughout the day. Drinking it all at once does not have the desired effect.
You can set your phone to an hourly reminder. A big bottle of water on your  desk is also a great reminder. Refill after lunch.
Read HERE why water seems to be the nr. health food you need every day. Also more infused water ideas!
Filtered water is the best option, may be with a few extra pH drops added. To infuse water is a great way to give it a nice flavor without adding sugars. Here I have added cucumber slices, lemon and fresh mint leaves. Leave it overnight and you will have the greatest lemonade to enjoy the next day.

NR.2 More Greens

Adding extra greens is the second change you can start implementing starting today.

Fresh greens offer a big amount of chlorophyll, enzymes and nutrients. Fresh greens alkalize the body.

Some chlorophyll facts …  

Chlorophyll is what gives the green color to our green veggies but more important it regulates the body on a cellular level and has a positive influence on the amount of red blood cells in the blood. Red blood cells are the main oxygen transporters and responsible for more energy! Also aid wound healing, make the body more resistant to infections and assists in detoxing the body, alkalizing, restores the ph levels of the body, improves the overal immune system and digestion. So, we need more of this green stuff!

detox online

Too much acidity can cause a lot of nasty stuff to arise in the body like

  • Inflammation like arthritis, rheumatism, eczema and other skin disorders
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Candida
  • High blood pressure
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Heartburn
  • Migraine
  • Depression, just to name a few…
Just add a green salad,  green juice or green smoothie. That’s it!
Add some raw veggies to a cooked meal. Adding a few handfuls of finely chopped fresh spinach or kale to a cooked soup or casserole makes a huge difference. Just fold it in when cooked so it just gets a bit softer but does not cook to keep the vitamins and enzymes as whole as possible. This also works great for kids! 
Sprouts are very alkalizing and you just need a small amount so easy to add to salads, sandwiches and wraps. Read HERE all about sprouting!
NR.3 Breathing…
Stress, a lack of sleep and constant “brain noise” are very acidic for the body.
The right breathing techniques and breathing exercises have a very alkalizing effect on the body and calm the mind. This is also doable. Start right now!
A real easy technique which you should do 10 times in sequence, preferably 3 times a day. On the couch, in the car or when waiting in line. We do have time to breath! The right way.
Breath in the ratio of 1:4:2 or 2 counts in, 8 counts hold and 4 counts out.
That’s it.
Something so simple can have the greatest effect on your health, energy, positive vibes and a clear mind! You do have to practice every day to get the best results.
The point I am trying to make with this Alkaline December is to show that alkalizing food can be added to any diet! Whether you eat raw, high raw or cooked, extra alkalizing foods will lift your health and energy levels. Little changes, little additions. Give it a try and you will see and feel positive effects on your body.
A quick simple salad to go … leftover, in coconut oil baked sweet potato, arugula, cilantro, lemon juice, olive oil, Himalaya sea salt … alkalizing goodness!
Next week…
What are the most alkalizing foods and how to add these to your daily routine? Also some recipes and suggestions.
Have a great day,
if you have questions, let me know!
Tina x

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