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Vegan Bento Box

by Tina

Monday … my healthy vegan lunchbox to go inspiration day!

Something healthy and nice to keep your energy up  and brain active throughout the day weather working or studying. An energizing and pH balancing lunch just makes me SO happy! Today, high raw, meaning a few cooked elements are added but the majority of ingredients are raw.

What have we got today?! This is a yummy filled lunchbox loaded with nutrients, great for a long day on the road, at work or at school.

I have used some leftovers and also, as I usually do, prepared a few extra portions of basic foods this weekend to make sure I have something healthy to grab for a quick dinner, lunch or snack. Pesto, hummus, oven baked pumpkin or sweet potato can all be prepared in advance. This also goes for energy bars and crackers or wraps. Makes life so much easier!

Some leftover soba noodles ( this was buckwheat and sweet potato ), 1 Tbsp. pumpkin seeds, a green pesto made of arugula, avocado, some pine nuts, basil, lemon juice and some pink salt. Moving down we have also leftover steamed peas and a few tomato slices. Underneath the peas I have some major good tasting pumpkin puree made of oven baked pumpkin, turmeric, curry powder, pink salt and a little bit of coconut milk to make it more blendeable. Also a few tablespoons of probiotic cabbage, this also can be sauerkraut or any fermented veggie.

And for the sweet tooth I am trying a new recipe, a sweet potato and buckwheat brownie out of the slow cooker. Recipe will be coming soon!

The brownie can be a afternoon snack with some herb tea.

A green juice and / or smoothie  is a perfect addition to your day so be sure to pack one of those! I always have plenty of filtered water available to me  all day. I try not to use water out plastic bottles, I bring my own in PBA free plastic or glass bottles. A thermos bottle is great for a smoothie or soup.

A few basics to make your lunch on the go balanced, nourishing and tasty …

  • Kale chips or some other veggie chips
  • A protein bar or something like this No-Bake Energy bar
  • Nut-  or my Coconut Choco balls
  • A wrap with a dense filing like a hummus
  • A veggie or nut paté, or a nice dip like this Turmeric Mayo
  • Fresh, crunchy veggies like cauliflower, snow peas, baby carrots, cucumber, cherry tomatoes
  • Steamed veggies
  • A trail mix made of nuts, preferably soaked and dehydrated, nuts and seeds, coconut flakes, a few goji berries
  • Crackers, homemade or store bought, RAW or baked like  THESE
  • Leftover quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth or millet, sprouted and / or cooked
  • Leftover beans and lentils
  • Sprouted greens or sprouted legumes
  • Oven baked pumpkin or sweet potato

Taking an hour or two during the weekend to prepare a stock of basics makes you ready and feel more in charge of your and your families healthy diet!

pompoen puree wrap

groene wrap

Have a great week!


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