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Back to fruit …

by Tina

A month or so ago something changed. It’s quite a big think regarding my diet and I would love to share it with you! It makes me so happy and it is a new way of looking at nourishment and nature. A slightly longer post today …

May be you recognize the feeling when you realize that something needs a bit of an adjustment. I had that feeling about my diet lately. Taste wise good but freedom wise not so … no counting, just eating until you are fullfilled. In a way that I am not looking for something sweet an hour after having eaten.

A dear friend whom I’ve seen enjoying and just blooming on a high fruit diet inspired me so much. After having read what feels like all the books over the past years I have come to the conclusion that every diet, guru or doctor we know, from paleo, bloodgroup, low carb and high carb, atkins, raw to high raw all have “studies and proof” why their diet is THE way to live and feed your body.

This makes making choices very difficult. Contradictory messages and info all around. I can’t say who is right and who is wrong and am not trying to. I only can do what feels good, how my body feels and what feels logical and natural. Feeling happy and abundant!


I have been on a low fructose diet for almost two years to get rid of some little aliments, in which I have succeeded with a few things left to improve. During my search I have found that people seem to agree on the fact that sugar and fat don’t mix well, not in a meal or in a diet. The reason why a low fructose high fat diet works and also why a high fruit low sugar diet, HCLF, does the same. It’s the combination of the two, fruit, sugar, natural or not and fat, healthy or not do not go well together. When eating a high fat diet, the fat circulating in our blood is which disrupts the passage of (fruit) sugar into the cells, creating high bloodsugar and candida. On a low fat diet the sugar can pass quickly through to the cells where they are used for energy. Carbs are our energy source, our life force. Everything we eat is turned into glucose for the body to use. So why not go to the source and choose the easiest to digest and most delicious option? A diet of freedom and abundance. Alkalizing and healing.

I have always loved fruit. When I was young we had a big garden full  of fruit trees and bushes loaded with delicious fresh fruit. Out of fear I have lowered the amount of fruit and later scrapped it for the most part. How crazy is that?! How can something so pure can be bad for you .. unlogical. Food with the least amount of preparation. No soaking, sprouting or cooking, it can be enjoyed as it is. As it supposed to be. The only thing is that your fruit needs to be ripe, the reason why you need a stash when eating lot of fruits.


Anyway, since about a month I switched to a rich, abundant high fruit diet which has been making me super happy and just feeling great. Also lots of veggies, green leaves and all the colors of the rainbow plus a little healthy fat in their natural state. The sesame seeds not the oil. The coconut not the oil. Unprocessed. It is summer so I am happy with lots of raw. Would you be longing for something warmer and cooked during the winter you can think adding of pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, some cooked complex carbs.

It is quite a change and it has suprised me tremendously. What suprised me even more is the fact how easy and natural this feels. Easy as in like it should be but also preparation wise, fruit is the real fast food!


Besides this I also have a family and kids who do eat a lot of fresh stuff but not the way I do. For them I try to create healthy wholesome meals they actualy like. Always a challenge. My hubby has turned plantbased and if possible gluten free, something I am very happy about. Yo can expect lots of raw inspiration, low fat dishes and dressings, salads, soups, fruit based goodies but also lots of family meals and goodies. As pure as possible, wholefoods. Kids need more fat and protein to grow and to be their happy selfs!

I will reorganize the recipes a little to make it easier to find.

After the first month of being back to 100% raw and eating lots of fruit I feel just great. Happy and abundant, enjoying foods I have never or for a long time haven’t eaten, and as much I feel I need. It has taken a week or so to transition and I also felt some detoxing effects of fruit. Ripe fruit is alkalizing, added lots of green leaves which makes it detoxing and healing. I am not going to look for prove, I decided to go with how I feel and share what I do. Veggies are wonderful, lots of nutrients but low in calories so these have to come from somewhere else. Calories van come from fat, complex carbs or protein. That is up to you.


Fat didn’t make me feel light and I always had to keep my eye on the amounts, something I just dislike very much. You just can’t eat as many bliss balls as you want, once in a while may be but not daily. You also need a big amount of fat to not be craving carbs.  Cooked grains are acidic so not the greatest place to get the bulk of your energy. Too much protein taxes the kidney’s and proteins are very acidic, especialy meats and dairy. Grains like millet, buckwheat, quinoa etc. can be a part of a high raw diet. So that leaves us with simple raw carbs, delicious fruit.


Thank you for reading,

Tina x



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ellen de zutter July 9, 2016 - 20:30

Hey Tina

Ik schrok een beetje over het feit dat je schrijft dat fruit en vet niet samen gaan. Ik neem, al jaren, als ik iets eet, dus ook bij fruit een beetje koude olie of vet om de verteerbaarheid te verbeteren en om mijn suikerspiegel stabiel te houden. Dit werd mij aangeraden door een diëtiste gespecialiseerd in voedingsintoleranties…
Vandaar dat ik toch wel schrik door die stelling dat vet en fruit niet samengaan…

Tina July 12, 2016 - 12:51

Hi Ellen, bedankt voor je reactie en voor het lezen! Het gaat ook zeker om de hoeveelheden, hoeveel vet met hoeveel fruit. Als je een bord fruit eet met een tl. vet zal dat weinig invloed op hebben. Eet je een schaaltje fruit en een halve avocado, dan kan dat wel te veel zijn. Het gaat er ook om hoe je je voelt. Fruit is het makkelijkst verteerbaar voedsel wat er bestaat dus is het toevoegen van iets om het beter verteerbaar te maken niet echt nodig. Het gaat ook om maaltijden maar ook in een dieet. Wil je vrij van fruit kunnen genieten dan is de hoeveelheid vet in je dagelijkse voeding, en daarmee ok in je bloed en organen wel van belang. Ik hoop dat het zo duidelijker is! Als je nog een vraag hebt hoor ik het graag, fijne dag, Tina


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