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Strawberry Chocolate Hearts [ 35cal. per 2 ]

by Tina
strawberry chocolate hearts

I can’t help myself! Every year when it gets near Valentines Day I start making heart shaped stuff. This year, something very easy, quick, classic and quite yummy. And even doable on the last minute. What is better than giving someone you love something you made, with love. Something healthy and delicious. The Strawberry Chocolate hearts are filled with a fresh ripe red strawberry, a surprise when you bite in it!

I can’t really call this a recipe. I started with a few beautiful red strawberries. I know, it is not actually strawberry season but I could get my hands on a few beauties and couldn’t resist. They are so pretty!

strawberry chocolate hearts

Ingredients for 20 Strawberry Chocolate Hearts / 35 cal. per 2

  • 20 large ripe strawberries, sliced in half
  • 2 ounces dark chocolate, vegan, 70 or 80%, melted
  • dried flowers or something else to decorate them

I sliced the berries in half and cut out two little corners to make them more heart shaped. You can make your own chocolate out of coconut oil or cacao butter with cacao powder and some liquid sweetener. Today I went for the easiest option, I melted some dark raw chocolate.

strawberry chocolate hearts You can dip or spread the berries with the melted chocolate and put them in the fridge to harden up a bit. I melted some cacao butter with some coconut oil and stevia to make a lighter detail on the hearts. Just a lighter chocolate detail.

I have some dried edible flowers so I decided to use these to make them all pretty. You can also use coconut flakes, cacao powder, a little bit of chopped pistachios to decorate the hearts with.

A nice and crispy outside and a soft and sweet inside! A perfect combo and also easy on the fats, sugar and calories. If you want some more LOVE inspired recipes check out my Frosted Vegan Low Fat Chocolate Cupcakes or my Chocolate covered Pink Coconut Hearts, 

Tina x

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chocolate covered strawberry hearts

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