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Stop Eating More Than You Need: A Guide to Interrupt Your Overeating

by Tina
Stop Eating More Than You Need: A Guide to Interrupt Your Overeating
Unlock the steps to break the stronghold food has on you with my new actionable guide;

Stop Eating More Than You Need: A Guide to Interrupt Your Overeating

Break the stronghold of food.

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Do you ever feel like food has power over you?

Feeling like a failure, ashamed and not knowing how to stop eating more than you need? Big plates full, all the snacking when not hungry, mindless consuming of whatever food?

Many of us struggle with overeating and feeling out of control around food and meal times. Many of us also have tried and failed in overcoming this stronghold that food has on our minds.

This can often be the aftermath of dieting and the ups and downs of weight loss efforts. It is such a disheartening feeling to not be able to control and trust yourself with meal sizes and food choices.

I have been there too.

Packing the stomach in to overfull or nibbling and snacking all day long. Not being able to stop on time is a big problem, health and weight wise.

In this guide, Stop Eating More Than You Need: A Guide To Interrupt your Overeating, I will share with you the steps I used for myself to finally be free of food controlling my life.

You will learn what overeating means and what it does to your mind and body. By analyzing your habits and eating cycle you will learn how and where to interrupt and stop eating more than you need!

Are you ready to break the stronghold food has on you?!

Imagine if you could …

* be at ease and enjoy time alone at home without spending the time in front of the fridge looking for another snack

* stop when you are comfortably full instead of going for seconds and thirds

* stop eating more than you need successfully

* eat a regular portion of your favorite food without finishing the whole thing the same day

* go to bed not bloated from too much food, feeling like a failure

* feel secure and at your ease around food and meal times

After reading this guide and using it as your workbook,

you will know what overeating is, why you might be doing it and the effects it has on your body.

you will identify your WHY, the deepest reason why you want to break free from the stronghold that food has on you.

you will find out what it means to be controlled by food and how to break the chains.

you will discover the eating cycle you are stuck in and find a way to interrupt it. In the moment and in the long run.

you will practice to fill the void of not eating.

* The food guidelines are there to help you make the best food choices and learn new habits to get you and keep you satisfied without counting calories. After going through the guide you will have a personalized plan and you will be on your way to interrupt and break the stronghold food has on you!

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How this guide works ..

Once you have learned about motivation, excuses, overeating and you have identified your habits, your overeating cycle and the big WHY, you will create a plan that is customized to you and your life.

It is your personal plan, that’s why it works so well!

This guide is partly a workbook.

Every chapter contains worksheets for you to fill out. Reading through it is not enough.

Doing the work, searching for solutions, opportunities, making and following the plan is where reel results come from!



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Hi, my name is Tina,

an overcomer and conquerer of the stronghold of food. As a nutritionist I have been working online in the health space for over a decade. The steps in this guide are the steps I used for myself to finally be free of food controlling my life.

Overeating and not having control over ourselves concerning food, is not something we like to talk about.

Not having self-discipline can make us feel out of control, it sure did me feel like that. If our thoughts and feelings are constantly “in the food” we are missing out by not fully living the life we can be.

Life that God has planned for us.


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