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Fruity Smoothie Inspiration

by Tina

It seems I go through fases regarding smoothies and I find myself in the middle of one. I seem to make them more often in between seasons like now, during spring, when the summer fruit has not yet arrived. We do always ave bananas, frozen berries, citrus, pineapple and on and off mangos.

And now some smoothie inspiration ….

for all the smoothie recipes below I used 1 cup of coconut water as a base. Regular water would be fine too, I do prefer coconut water, it adds a delicious sweet taste.

Spinach is the easiest option for added greens, very mild tasting. Besides spinach you can go for arugula or rocket, turnip tops, kale, romaine and other greens you like are also great. These usually have a stronger taste an can be mixed with spinach.

Vanilla, cacao and cinnamon can give a nice flavor and some depth to your smoothie. I tend to eat mine with a spoon and add some crunch or something to chew on to prevent me from gulping it down too fast. Drinking whipped drinks like smoothies can cause a bloated feeling if drunk in a hurry. It is hard not to cause they are so delicious but chewing it is better for the digestion.

Thick Mango Smoothie,

1 cup coconut water, 3 to 4 frozen bananas, 1 cup cubed mango, 1 to 2 hands of fresh spinach, blueberries and mulberries as a topping, optional

Chocolate Smoothie,

1 cup coconut water, 3 or 4 frozen bananas, 1 cup blueberries, 1 or 2 hands greens like spinach, 2 Tbsp. raw cacao powder or carobe powder, vanilla powder, optional but delicious and cacao nibs and dried mulberries as topping. I freeze my mulberries what makes them  really crunchy!

Cherry Banana Ice Cream ,

It is such a surpise when you taste banana ice cream for the first time! So creamy, delicious and not like bananas …. the combinations you can make are endless. I made a cherry ice cream of frozen cherries. My new Optimum 9200A makes it quick and easy thanks to the plunger, without it is a bit harder, just stop often and keep scooping the sides clean.

You need some frozen bananas, I used 3 big ones and 1 cup frozen pitted cherries. You can also add one fresh banana to make the blending easier. I love to add some vanilla powder. Start blending on a slower speed to get it all combined. Keep pressing it down or cleaning the sides of the jar. Crazy good and so delicious for summer!

Homemade almond or any nut milk is easy to make with a high speed blender. Click HERE for the recipe of my Creamy Green Mylk. 

You can find the recipe for my Orange Spinach Smoothie HERE.

The best thing about these smoothies and ice cream is they feel like I am eating dessert all day, every day, whenever I want. I hope you like them as much as we do!


Tina xoxo

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