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   Fruity Breakfast Salad      coconut yogurt  crock pot quinoa porridge   glten free wafels   superfood overnight oats   buckwheat pumpkin granola   crunchy persimmon fat free granola

Bars & Cookies

      protein energy balls      Almond Coconut Bars   Nuts & Seeds Bliss Balls   Cashew Coconut Roll

Smoothies & Juices

almond milk      basic green juice   Green Smoothie   pink sunrise   apple fennel juice    raw alkalizing detox   red beet juice    raspberry turnip tops smoothie    very berry choco smoothie    afternoon power smoothie   pear and cinnamon smoothie   carob kale sweet delight smoothie    chestnut smoothie    cacao pumpkin smoothie       spiced golden shake   tiger nut milk    grow your own wheat grass


kale salad tahini dressing    almond dressing    "egg" salad   winter salad bowl    white root pasta peas dill sauce    spinach with mango dressing    Fruity Caesar Salad Shiitake Bacon   spicy soba noodle salad    red cabbage salad with creamy tahini dressing

Dips & Dressings

pesto    turmeric mayo    tahini dressing    vegan party food ideas    vegan mayo    avocado mint dip    green zucchini hummus    mango dressing    orange avocado dressing    white bean cheezy dip


Raw Italian Soup   raw alkalizing detox soup    raw kale soup    raw endive soup    red beet soup raw   "cheezy" broccoli soup   creamy raw curry soup

Sides & Snacks

super green broccoli dip    vegan party food ideas    vegan party food ideas     vegan party food ideas    two favorites kids    spinach artichoke hummus


Beans & Portobello Burgers    Nut Fennel Burgers Raw    Chickpea Burgers    chickpea sweet potato burgers     Shiitake Bean Burgers   Chickpea Burgers Cauliflower Rice

Lunch & Diner

raw cauliflower sushi    bok choy wraps    raw alkalizing detox zucchini pasta     raw zucchini pasta pesto   raw pumpkin spaghetti    wraps with turmeric mayo    cauliflower pizza pumpkin topping         gluten free tortilla quasadilla    gluten free tortilla quesadilla    easy vegan lunch to go   vegan cauliflower macaroni bake   buckwheat pasta with sweet cabbage


vegan sweet potato black bean quesadillas        bento box veggies    Siitake bonen Burgers    Lunch ideas on the go vegan   salads to go

My vegan SlowCooker & Pressure Cooker

shepperds pie slow cooker   Beet Pumpkin stew slow cooker    Mung Bean Pie slow cooker   Black Bean Chili Soup   Lentil Ratatouille   vegan hungarian cabbage rolls

Sweet Goodness ( raw )

Carrot Cake Lemon Frosting raw   chia blueberry cups raw    choclolate nut cupcakes raw   Walnut Chocolate Cake Chocolate Ganache    Berry Chia Pudding   chocolate chia pudding    chestnut puree    pumpkin pie pudding raw    lemon coconut ice cream    lemon avocado cupcakes raw    Chocolate Easter eggs raw    Avocado Ice Cream Xmas Trees   Strawberry Chocolate Hearts    chocolate covered pink hearts    Lemon Cupcakes raw    lime pie raw   Dutch filled Gingerbread Pops raw    filled speculas with chocolate    linzer cookies raw    pineapple coconut cream   cashew coconut roll   Raw Coconut Bounty Bars    Strawberry Banana Sorbet

Sweet Goodness ( baked )

thumbprint cookies   black bean brownies low fat   classic Xmas cookies   black bean brownies   dutch gingerbread cookies   Oat Almond Cake low fat   Lemon Cake gluten free   frosted vegan low fat chocolate cupcake


Hazelnut Chocolate Spread       coconut milk homemade    date puree    rawtella    CocoNogg   pink cocktail    pina colada     Turmeric Shake   Goji Water    fruit infused water    sprouted almond butter

Say “Cheese”

vegan party food ideas    Vegan Cheese   vegan herby goat cheese

Sundried ( dehydrated )

kale chips 2 ways raw    Cheesy Zucchini Crackers raw   pumpkin breakfast squares    Crunchy Seeds crackers    pizza rounds raw   quinoa crackers     almond herb crackers    chocolate cookies raw   fruit rolls the healthy raw candy

Baked Goods

easy vegan lunch ideas to go   chickpea hummus flat bread    buckwheat amaranth bread gluten free    yeast free croissants   homemade gluten free flour blend   gluten free multigrain bread