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Plant Based Weight Loss Day 1

by Tina
plant based weight loss day 1

I have put together a sample day of eating, Plant Based Weight Loss Day 1, as part of a plant based weight loss and weight maintenance lifestyle which I call the Full Plate Meal Plan. This meal plan is high in nutrients, high in volume, you wont be hungry for sure and the recipes are easy to make. The theory behind successful weight loss is on one hand very simple, it can be explained  in one sentence but on the other hand giving attention to specific details will make it more efficient.

Why it is often a struggle to follow a weight loss plan for a longer period or for life is something I’m going to be addressing on a regular basis.  The meal plan is not only for those who want to lose weight, it is a healthy way of eating that you can adjust to your needs.

This is the first of this Full Plate Meal Plan series, I am going to be making these weekly, also focusing on what to eat for healthy hair, young looking skin, energy and achieving and maintaining a desired body weight. Losing weight can be done in many ways but we need to look further into the future and acknowledge what side effects a diet can have on our long term health.

plant based weight loss day 1

I am not for weighing food or counting calories in my daily life, been there done that for many years. Now I focus on a healthy, balanced, plant based whole foods diet ( read … eating ). The easiest way to fill up our stomachs, getting all the nutrients we need while achieving a healthy weight and having plenty of energy.

I do put my meal plans to the test to see if all the needed amounts of nutrients are present, and they are. All the vitamins and minerals are fully covered.

This day has about 65 grams of protein, 31 grams of fat and 290 grams of carbs. And yes, we can eat carbs while losing weight. And because most people interested in weight loss want to know, it has approx. 1650 calories which is pretty good for this amount of food.

Eating lower calories can only be done right if those calories are all nutrient dense like they are here. No empty calories, those will leave you hungry and wanting more. And if you eat more, good, more nutrients. It is pretty unlikely to overeat or to binge on whole foods. May be yes for one meal but not meals in a row.

plant based weight loss day 1

A big part of the day is made up of vegetables and greens. Those should take up the largest part of your meal. The amounts are suggestions, you can eat more or as much as you like if you keep an eye on the proportions. The vegetables are the main deal followed by plant based protein, whole grains and / or starchy vegetables, fruit and healthy fats from nuts and seeds.

The meals in this sample day of high nutrient weight loss are easy to prep and can be enjoyed for more than one day. I like to make a bigger batch of food and don’t mind eating the same or about the same for two to three days. Read HERE more on batch cooking.

Breakfast, fruit, salads are variable.

Cooked meals like the Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Bean Platter, Lentil Ratatouille ( can also be prepared on the stove top ) and the gluten free Buckwheat Millet Bread ( may be replaced by a store bought good quality whole grain bread of your choice or some brown rice ) can be eaten for a day of two or three, combined with different salads.

plant based weight loss day 1


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Your next day … Day 2

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I am really excited and inspired about this series I’ve started and hope it can help you if you are trying to lose weight and / or are looking to improve your diet and eat for energy and a long, healthy, active life!

Tina x

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Nutritional Info Day 1

plant based weight loss day 1

Plant Based Weight Loss Day 1 Menu

plant based weight loss day 1

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