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Plant Based Weight Loss Day 7 [ 1500 calories ]

by Tina
plant based weight loss day 7

The menu of this Plant Based Weight Loss Day 7 is the last one of the weight loss series. I am working on a weight loss program to get you where you want to be health, energy and body wise.

Because it’s Day 7 we are starting off the day with spelt buckwheat or gf pancakes cause why not right!? In the menu I served them with fresh strawberries but if not in season you can replace them with blueberries or stewed apples and cinnamon which makes you think you are eating warm apple pie …

You can always switch the lunch for dinner or save the snacks for later etc.

The lunches I prefer are often made of leftovers and enriched with some fresh vegetables.

Here I used red rice and lentils but you can do whole grain and beans, whatever you have or prefer. I added a handful of delicious cherry tomatoes, a few olives, 3 Tbsp of corn, a piece of cucumber chopped, a spring onion served on some romaine lettuce. If not following this days plan adding some avocado would be great here. Nothing wrong with avocado, it just alters the amount of calories. if you don’t mind go for it!

The dressing is made of a Tbsp balsamic vinegar, one Tbsp of water and a tsp of maple syrup or a some hot sauce.

Dinner is easy, one of the easiest meals are soups, especially these blended ones. This Creamy Broccoli Soup is loaded with nutrients, it is creamy and comforting. I always snack on cucumber, celery or cherry tomatoes before dinner or while I’m cooking.

Nutrient profile of day 7

plant based weight loss day 7

You find all the days from 1 – 7 of this Plant Based Weight Loss week HERE, in the main menu under Weight Loss/ Meal Plans. 

As I have written before you can easily repeat days from this plan to make life easier. You can make all the meals in larger amounts and reheat them or pack them for lunch the next day.

I take daily a Vitamin B12 supplement. You can read HERE more about why I take it, what B12 is needed for and who needs it.

I hope this series has inspired you to eat more consciously either for health, energy or weight loss reasons. And that you may be discovered that eating a healthy plant based whole foods diet is abundant, versatile and delicious!

Tina x


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plant based weight loss day 7

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