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Plant Based Weight Loss Day 2

by Tina
plant based weight loss

Plant Based Weight Loss Day 2 meal plan, nutrient dense, filling featuring easy to prepare recipes.

I like to start the day with water and also drink water and tea throughout the day.

Smoothies are one of the easiest and nutritionally loaded meals if done right. I am also adding a piece of oat almond cake as a mid morning snack, you can sub this with a store bought nut/fruit bar.

Fruit is a great pre-lunch snack or after dinner dessert to activate the iron absorption in the meals. One brazil nut per every other day has the amount of selenium our body needs. Selenium is not something we should overdo on a regular basis.

The Beans Sweet Potato Avocado Salad can be prepped upfront, something I like to do to make eating healthy easier.

Dinner is super easy, a quick stir fry with kale and tofu served on rice. You can swap the tofu for beans or lentils if you prefer those as long as you have some plant based protein with your meal. I do the “stir-frying” using a few tbsp water instead of oil to avoid the empty calories.

This day has 1500 calories and all the nutrients and vitamins needed. As always, these meal plans can be for anybody, if you don’t want to lose weight and need more energy or just want to eat healthy. For more energy you eat more of the same foods, more rice, two pieces of cake, larger portions is you need more food.

Have fun with it! You are working on your body and showing up, something to be proud of,

Tina x


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Nutritional Info Day 2

plant based weight loss day 2

Plant Based Weight Loss Day 2 Menu

plant based weight loss day 2

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