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Lentil Ratatouille [ 270cal. / pressure cooker ]

by Tina
Lentil Ratatouille

My pressure cooker has become my favorite kitchen appliance! Today I’m making a quick Lentil Ratatouille, also dinner from my Plant Based Weight Loss Meal Plan Day 1. Using a pressure cooker makes it is just so much more convenient. You can of course make this recipe on the stove-top.

I have been testing this Induction Pro pressure cooker for weeks now and I have noticed that I am using it almost daily. It is getting cold here and a warm soup or stew just sounds so much more delicious than a cold meal.  The kids often have sports at night, somehow always around dinner time and this appliance makes life just so much easier. When done with cooking it keeps your meal warm until you are ready to eat. We come home to a warm comforting, nourishing  dinner. How great is that!

I always prefer using wholefoods, as much as possible unprocessed ingredients like lentils for this ratatouille, zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes.  We like some whole cooked grain like rice to serve it with or a few slices of this delicious gluten free multigrain bread. The eggplant makes it nice and creamy. I used canned lentils and canned tomatoes to make it even quicker. 

I love the fry function of this appliance because it makes it easy to saute the onions , garlic, bell peppers, whatever needs to be stir fried or sauteed.  When that is done I switch over to the cooking options.

Lentil Ratatouille to go

Leftovers are delicious and may be even better then the original. I have mixed the ratatouille with some wholegrain macaroni and a little hot sauce for the kick.  I also have a Black Bean Chili Soup recipe fit for a pressure cooker on the site if you are into warming soups like we are!

Let me know if you tried it and how it turned out!

Tina xo

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lentil ratatouille


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