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How do I eat High Fruit & Lots of Raw, HCLF on vacation!?

by Tina

It sure can be quite challenging, eating right while traveling, especialy when your not following a “regular” diet. It starts the moment you set your foot out the door, what do you eat in the car, on the bike or on a plane?! This can differ per country, but usualy very few options available on the go.

I have been eating a diet made up of foods not so easily attainable on the go for  years now. Raw and high raw means lots of packing and planning, getting out to look for places to buy lovely fresh food. I love farmersmarkets, so no problem here! For the first time my main calories come from fruit instead of fat and protein which means lots of shopping. Fruit is actualy so much more easier to find than organic veggies, raw nuts and crackers, or glutenfree food.

Farmersmarkets and fresh produce in shops are easy to find, also the kinds which don’t have to be organic. Think of melons, mangos and bananas. This year we were very lucky to be staying besides a weekly farmersmarket and on a walkable distance from Wholefoods …. the shop I have literaly have been dreaming about for years, lol. It is even better than I expected, so much to choose from, pure abundance. I love markets, we found so many exotic fruits we never had just like these gorgeous dragon fruit on the pic below. Red pink on the outside, white with black dots on the inside, soft and sweet.

dragon fruit

Such a wonderful view …


Food on travel should be easy and provide me with enough energy, it doesn’t have to be “perfect”. In the car to the airport I had a big green juice and half of a watermelon. For the remaining 13 hours I had two pounds of apples, two pounds of ripe bananas, soft dates and figs. Carry on bagage filled with food. A cucumber, sliced, two packets of green powder to disolve in some cold water during the flight. Also a few date nut bars for some healthy fats.


Lots of water and some herbal tea. It went so much better then expected! NO jetlag … a bit tired the first day but I did miss a nights sleep. Amazing, this never happened before! Same for the flight back. Enough energy during the holiday for playing and even working out.

fruit stash

Finding enough ripe fruit is the main challenge. Due to our destination I acualy could easily get my hands on organic greens and fresh green juices, such a luxury. Our little fridge and appartment were loaded with ripening fruits ….

I ate fruit through the day, starting the day with lots of melon, later more melon. My favorite summer fruit and these were just delicious! Later a green juice for added nutrients.

green juice

From noon on usualy bananas, mangos, papaya, these were very affordable and also some more expensive organic goodies like cherries, grapes and peaches … plus daily a good amount of leafy greens.

Later in the afternoon more, as much as I needed. During a day trip I usualy took bananas, apples, dates, Larabars and lots of water.

pool food

For dinner I usualy crave something savory, usualy a big salad. I try not to lock myself up with “rules” so I eat what I feel like and crave. Sometimes I eat a 100% raw dinner, other times not, adding some quinoa, sweet potato, milet or pumpkin. My body has been detoxing amazingly ever since I started eating lots of cleansing fresh ripe fruits and I am going to allow myself to add something cooked or baked for dinner if I wwant to. I switch my fruit greens days with sometimes a high raw day, trying to go on intuition here at this moment. We’ll see how this works out in a month or 6 moths, what works out as most energizing and healing to me.

wholefoods salade

Results of a trip to Wholefoods salad bar … lots of fresh green leaves, broccoli, cauliflower, edamame, baked sweet potato, quinoa, black bean curry, grilled yucca root, flavoured nutritional yeast, lemon juice ….  or completely raw,

bieten salade

Beets, carrots, sultanas, green leaves and a lime tahin dressing. During the day more fruit and a lovely whipped coconut matcha for energy and some fat.

Why I switched to high fruit? Click HERE to read my story.

Next time a post about nutrients, how much do we need and do I get enogh eating like this?!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer so far!? Enjoying days off, playtime, summer food and the sun … that goes for people outside the Netherlands though, not a lot of sun here this summer, hoping for a decent august.

Tina xo

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