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Grow your own wheat grass

by Tina
grow your own wheat grass

Today some extra info about how to grow your own wheat grass. Lately I have been really into gardening, sprouting and growing micro greens and it is such a great feeling to be able to enjoy your own work! It is quite simple although it took me about two three times to make it work and now they grow beautifully. It tastes great and it such a big  source of chlorophyll and also alkalizing for the body..

Now to the wheat grass,

For one tray you would need about 5 ounces wheat grass. I usually do about three trays at a time and I use one third or fourth tray per day.

Let the grains soak in filtered water for about six hours or overnight. Rinse in a sieve and put in a dark place like a cupboard. Rinse the grains twice a day, drain and back in the dark. After about one day and a half or two days the seeds are sprouting. It is ideal to use them when the little tails are as long or a little shorter then the grain.

grow your own wheat grass

Fill a shallow container with soil, I use organic, an inch is sufficient. The soil should be moist and not to wet, without lumps. Divide the sprouted grains over the soil and softly press it down.

grow your own wheat grass

The soil should be covered and the grains should touch so they will make a nice green carpet! Then back into the dark for about two or three days. They should be watered daily, I use a plant spray to keep the grains moist. Don’t overdo it! Not to wet and not to dry! 😉

grow your own wheat grass

After 2 or 3 days they grow roots and become a  1 inch high little whit rug! Now they are ready for the sun…

grow your own wheat grass

You can keep spraying them, I usually lift one side of the “rug” and pour a little water underneath. Just enough to water it, there grass should not be standing in a puddle the whole day.

Sometimes you can see mold growing on the soil between the seeds, this can be prevented by circulation of the air, like a fan. Usually it is just on the soil so the grass can be cut off above it. The trays should be always cleaned thoroughly, I use vinegar and the soil should always be discarded to keep mold away!

And now time to watch the grass grow……….

grow your own wheat grass

When the grass is this beautiful dark green color and about 7 or 8 inches high, then it is ready to be cut off just above the soil. I cut the grass and store it in an airtight bag for up to a week in the refrigerator. Sure, fresh cut is better! Still, it is best harvested at it’s high point, just when it starts to split in two. After that it looses a lot of it’s nutritional value. You do need a slow juicer to make this fluid gold green drink, but it makes the work worth while!

grow your own wheat grass Wheat grass has a strong taste which is not appreciated by everyone, so my tip,

grow your own wheat grass I juice my wheat grass, and then add one cube of cucumber, one cube of apple and a slice of lemon, yum! It  flushes the juicer and makes the wheat grass taste lighter and really good!

grow your own wheat grass

If you are into growing your own superfoods I also have a short growing sprouts guide for you!

Good luck and have fun with growing your own wheat grass,



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