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Basic Green Juice

by Tina
basic green juice

The ingredients to make a chlorofyl and nutrients rich alkalizing basic green juice are;

  • a BIG handful of green leafy vegetables like chard, kale, endive or romaine,
  • a few celery sticks,
  • 1/2 cucumber,
  • a small apple
  • a piece of ginger, small to start with, you can always add more. Perfect to protect the body against inflammation.
  • a few springs of parsley or cilantro
  • half a lemon to alkalize, make it taste like lemonade and to make the iron from the green veggies better absorbable
Everything through the juicer, this is the one I have been using for many years now, and enjoy!
For more juice inspiration check out this Pink Sunrise or this gorgeous light green Apple Fennel Juice.
Tina xo

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