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Easy Vegan Easter Recipes

by Tina
vegan easter recipes

I have been making easy vegan Easter recipes since I started this site, or even before that. I have been vegan for 8 years in a row now, before that vegetarian with a short intermezzo of eating meat while pregnant. Somehow people convinced me that I needed more protein … I didn’t receive the memo yet about plant based protein back then haha. Anyhow, I am happy to say that it was the best decision ever to stay away from animal products, health, energy, weight and life wise.

I thought it would be fun to put all the Easter inspired recipes in one post! I got a few hearty and a few sweet ones for you to try, delicious anytime, also if you are not celebrating.

One of the first ones I made were these Vegan Chocolate dipped Easter Eggs, a marzipan like “egg” dipped in chocolate.

vegan chocolate dipped Easter eggs

My older recipes are a bit higher in fat but I still wanted to list them, these are not foods that we eat daily and for a special occasion they are so much better than any other non vegan option.

My kids really wanted some croissants ( optional gluten free ) so I made them these for Easter brunch a few years ago along with a gluten free lemon cake and pineapple cream.

easy vegan easter recipes

I love these next two recipes,

a Vegan Egg Salad without tofu which is usually used for this. I love tofu i just wanted to try something else. it turned out delicious, love the texture and the egg-like flavor due to the black salt I used.

vegan egg salad

And this delicious vegan turmeric mayo is made with turmeric, great in wraps or as a dip.

turmeric mayo

And now time for some sweets! Lots of yellow and green in these recipes, fun to see them again. I created this Raw Lime Coconut Pie for a spring wedding, this would also be fitting for an Easter brunch or High Tea.

raw lime coconut pie Same goes for the Raw Lemon Vanilla Cupcakes, if you haven’t tried a raw dessert before you should try a recipe like this one!

Raw Lemon Vanilla Cupcakes

Let me know if you tried one of these easy vegan Easter recipes! I always love to see what you have created, tag me on Facebook or Instagram, Tina Redder True Food and tina_redder_true_food, see you there!

If you would like to save them for next year or for another occasion you can pin the picture below to your Pinterest board,

Tina x

easy vegan easter recipes

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