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Easy Liver Detox

by Tina
easy liver detox

Daily Easy Liver Detox,

Our liver is THE main detox organ of the body. The liver keeps everything working as it should, it removes all the toxins we accumulate in our bodies. We build up these toxins through our food choices, everything not organic, processed or full with preservatives, hormones and additives tax our liver even more. Even the air we breath, everything we put on our skins, medication, stress and too much sun are on the toxins list.

Our liver works overtime! When it gets to be too much the toxins are stored in our tissues, body fat that just wont melt away and in painful joints where they lead to inflammation and disease.

A good working liver is a needed for  optimal health of the eyes, hart, brains, joints and kidneys. A taxed and overloaded liver creates stress on the body. There are thousands of enzymes produced by the liver which are accountable for the most body functions. Missing even a few of these enzymes creates a downhill spiral.

Everyone should detox, each season or smaller detoxes throughout the year. There are also natural liver cleansing foods we can corporate in to our daily diets to give the liver a helping hand! This is a list of 5 “regular” foods which fit easy in any diet.

easy liver detox
  • Lukewarm water with lemon juice,
  • is one of the best and easiest daily detox for the liver. By drinking a glass of lukewarm lemon water you give your liver a wake-up jolt! As a reaction it produces a load of these enzymes needed for our healthy bodies. It also alkalizes the body which is needed after a night of detoxification. In a big glass on an empty stomach, , right after waking up.
  • Garlic,
  • loaded with sulfur, a compound which activates the working of enzymes in the liver. Garlic also contains allicin, a very efficient antibiotic and selenium. Both necessary to protect the liver. Garlic is easy to add to soups, sauces, cheeses, dips and dressings. If you want to avoid garlic breath, you can also go for a good quality supplement.
  • Selenium,
  • a great anti-oxidant and  stops the forming of toxins in the body and helps eliminating heavy metals. A wonderful source of selenium are brazil nuts. Just one or two a day provides you with more than enough selenium. We have a big jar with these nuts and I and my husband take a few each day. Selenium is also very important mineral for men, works super against prostate cancer. It is worth to add a this great nut to your daily diet.
  • Avocado,
  • not only great tasting and super alkalizing, it also contains compounds that protect the liver from damage. These good fats are so important for your metabolism, energy and absorption of vitamines. Avocado’s go great in salads, wraps or as topping on a roasted slice of bread or cracker. Sweeten it  with dates, cacao powder and serve it as a pudding or simply take along with a spoon for a snack.
  • Cilantro,
  • a lovely herb and a great addition to all kinds of dishes. I add it to my soups, dressings, shakes, smoothies, pesto and the stems go in the juicer. Cilantro, and also parsley, help remove heavy metals from the body. We can do a lot to make it easier on our livers and  elevate our health and energy to a new level.
  • Turmeric                                                                                                               
  • as a  powder or as a fresh root, a powerful spice which protects the liver against toxic damage and encourages regeneration of liver cells. You can rasp the root or juice it, the turmeric powder can be added to sauces, dips like my  kurkuma mayo, or to make a nice frothy turmeric shake.

Luckily all these superfoods are great tasting and easy to add to the daily diet at least one or two a day. A happy, clean liver translates to a healthy, energized lean body!

9-Day Liver Detox

If you are in need of a longer, more supported yet easy to do cleanse try my 9-Day Liver Detox. Suitable for beginners.

Have a great detox day,

Tina x

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daily liver detox

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