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Bento Box, vegan lunch on the go

by Tina

Lunch can be a hastle sometimes. I hear that so often! At home is one thing, but on the go, at school or at work can be quite a challenge. I decided to dedicate a few mondays to lunchbox inspirations! For grown-ups but there will be also lunch ideas for kids in the upcoming weeks. High raw and raw.

What helps me the most in preparing quik, filling and nutritious lunches are leftovers. Sometimes by accidant, mostly planned. I cook extra portions, especially when it comes to things like quinoa, pumkin, hummus, sweet potatoes, soba noodles.

Planning is the most important part of preparing a healthy, balanced lunch to go. Hunger and a time crunch most often result in lesser choices. When time challenged, I usualy go for a filling smoothie or blender soup,. During the weekends I love to munch on huge salads but these take quite some work to chew through what makes them less convenient to take along.

Lunch has to be filling, full of nutrients, easily digestible and has to provide you with enough energy to get through the afternoon without dips or crashes.

lunchbox 1

So, filling and full of nutrients, easy to prepare the evening before or in the morning before work. It must be easily portable and not spoil within a few hours without a refrigerator. Not too wet or to be something that becomes too soft and sloppy to eat. Filling salads are best transported in a big glass jar. I have some ideas for combinations for you here, Salads to Go.

What is for lunch today?

The LunchBox contains a perfect plantbased protein and complexe carb, the quinoa combo, plus a healthy fat due to the avocado. Fibre from the pumkin and vegetables and vitamines, enzymes from the raw veggies. This makes a nice combination for a filling, bloodsugar balancing deliscious meal.

Raw cauliflower florets sliced. I must confess, I have a raw cauliflower addiction! That explaines why it is an important part in this first lunchbox.

Great for dipping in the guacamole, lots of lemon juice, fresh cilantro and some himalaya see salt. Just mash it together.

Some leftover cooked red and white quinoa. Love it warm and cold.

Tomatoes and a few green olives. Arugula.

A few chunks oven baked pumpkin, lovely for some dipping action.

And to satisfy the sweet tooth, sugarfree sweet potato bukwheat brownies, so good! Sugarfree, soft and chewy, made in the slow cooker. The recipe will be featured on the site soon as much more slow cooker recipes.

And for a afternoon pick-m- up snack a green smoothie, alkalizing and energizing, made of lots of green leaves, raw cacao, maca, wheatgrass powder and almondmilk.

lunchbox 2

I love this Bento Box, lots of little spaces to fill with all kinds of goodies!

I hope I have been able to inspire you and show you that take along lunhes can be easy, nutritious and yummy. No need for empty salads or boring sandwiches!

Talk yo you soon,




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