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9-Day Liver Detox

by Tina
9-Day Liver Detox

Our liver detoxes all day every day, that is it’s job, so why would we need to do a liver detox?! Welcome to the 9-Day Liver Detox!

Just think of the pollution around us. It’s in the air and in our water, in the skincare products we use, it is sprayed on and added the foods we eat. If the liver can’t do its job heavy metals, molds, and other toxins can build up and have a havoc on our system leaving us feeling tired, inflamed, and sick. 

The liver knows what to do, we just have to assist it to make sure it can keep up wit hits job. That is exactly what we do when we “detox” the liver. We let the liver come up for air so it can work its way through the garbage without adding more on top. 

Discover how you can easily, safely, and effectively support your liver to do its job, improve your health, and finally start losing the weight you seem to be stuck with.

Do you ….

crave sugar often?

always feel tired or “foggy”?

eat healthy but don’t feel healthy?

have joint pain?

frequently experience constipation?

have stubborn cellulite?

have trouble losing weight?

have itchy and red skin?

often experience headaches?

These are just a few signs that your liver can use some loving support.

The 9-Day Liver Detox can be your kickstart to a healthier, more energized, slimmer you!

The 9-Day Liver Detox includes the following guides,

the guide to taking care of your liver

The main 9-day liver detox guide will teach you how to take care of this important organ.

You will learn …

why you should detox

signs you need a liver detox

what the best liver supporting foods are

what the liver does

the 3 levels of detoxification

how to keep the liver healthy and strong so it can do the same for you

what toxins you have to watch out for

life after the detox

9-day liver detox meal plan

the 9-day liver detox meal plan & recipes

The meal plan explains the set-up of the 9-day liver detox. The detox builds up to one liquid day on day 6 and then eases back into food.

The meal plan focuses on a few specific liver supporting foods to get the most benefits.

The recipes are basic and very easy to prepare or to meal prep.

You will also receive TWO BONUS guides!

These two guides will help you to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and teach you what to avoid when shopping for skincare and cosmetics to drastically limit the amount of toxins you come in contact with.

the Liver-Cellulite-Weight Loss Connection

Learn the connection between your cellulite, not being able to lose weight, gaining weight for no reason and the workings of your liver.


clean beauty

Clean Beauty

Products that touch your skin, are absorbed by your skin need to be toxin free. Learn what to look for when reading labels and the differences between “clean”, “green”, “organic and “natural”.

Start now and receive to download …

the 9-Day Liver Detox main guide

the 9-Day Liver Detox Menu Plan & Recipes

and get the 2 BONUS guides for FREE!

the 9-Day Liver Detox Clean Beauty

the 9-Day Liver Detox liver-cellulite-weight loss connection

Liver Detox FAQ’s

When does the course start and finish?

The course is yours right after you have purchased it and it is up to you when you decide to start the 9-day Liver Detox. I recommend to read through all the information first so you know what you are doing and why. Also take time to prepare yourself. Everybody has a different starting point, for some it is better to ease into the cleanse especially if you are eating a lot of processed and animal based foods. Take a few days before the detox where you replace some of your foods with healthier, whole foods plant based choices. Also lessening caffeine and alcohol can be wise.

Do I need a juicer?

No, a juicer is a bonus. I do however suggest having a blender and a nut milk bag at the minimum.

Will I have low energy, feel tired and be hungry on the detox?

How you will feel during a detox depends on the person. It depends partly on the amount of toxins in your body that will be released. If you follow the program you will get plenty of nutrients and enough calories to keep you going strong. This detox is not about being hungry but about eating the right foods in the right combinations.

Should I buy only organic during the cleanse?

I am very passionate about eating organic foods as much as possible and this is especially important during a detox. Non-organic foods contain pesticides and herbicides, toxins we don’t want to be adding to a liver and body that is trying to cleanse itself. You will be given a list of produce you always should be buying organic because the toxic load is very high. There is also a list of produce that is safe to buy non-organic.

How do I fit the program into my own schedule?

This program is quite easy to fit in any schedule, I do advise you to prep your meals and ingredients upfront if you want it to be easy. Also plan which day of the week your liquid day should fall. Some prefer the weekend while others find a regular day easier because they have more to do and the day goes faster.

What are potential side effects?

Potential side effects when on this 9-day detox can include low energy, low blood sugar, muscle aches, fatigue, feeling dizzy or lightheaded and nausea. Withdrawing from caffeine, alcohol and processed foods isn’t always easy, and you may feel bad for a couple of days. This should go away, usually after a the first three or four days and you will start feeling more energized and better. You may even decide to do without these things permanently when the detox is over.

What will I be eating during the detox?

You won’t be hungry, that’s for sure. You will probably be eating different foods from your usual diet which might cause cravings and some adjusting. 

An abundance of fruits, vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and some healthy fats will keep you filled and energized. 

Gluten, soy, corn, dairy, grains, animal products, sugar are removed from the foods list to make your detox more efficient. 

Is it safe to detox during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the perfect time to avoid substances that are toxic to the body, such as alcohol and drugs. It is also the best time to eat healthy and clean. Only detox with the support of your doctor.

The best time to do a detox is ideally one year before you get pregnant. This way you can get pregnant with a cleaner, better working body and have time to rebuild yourself with a nutrient-dense diet.

Losing weight and detoxing is not something you should be doing while breastfeeding. The toxins you are eliminating can get into the breast-milk and your baby.

What if I get hungry?

You don’t have to go hungry. Prep your meals upfront, make extra portions if you think you need more. Eat more of the same of what’s on the menu if needed. You can also choose from the Liver Friendly Foods List you will be getting during the detox.

Can I detox if have or had an eating disorder?

A strict, limiting food plan might be triggering for someone who has struggled with an eating disorder. This detox is not about deprivation. It depends on your relationship with food if you should start a detox or not. 

Can I exercise while detoxing?

Yes you can! It is good to move and to sweat to enhance the detoxing of the body. You can walk, do yoga, or whatever you do, just make sure you stay hydrated and eat enough calories. 

Get started now!