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7 tips to add more RAW to your daily diet

by Tina

We all now how important it is to include as much as possible RAW Alkaline food in our daily diets! Yet, I have a short reminder for you!

Raw, High Raw & Alkaline food for energy, power & vibrant health!

Fresh, raw, beautiful vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and sprouts is what we are talking about! Everything that has not been heated above 105F is considered raw…..

Everything cooked, baked, microwaved, heated…..loses all or most of its vitamins, minerals and enzymes . It is like eating empty food just to fill your stomach. Your body keeps asking for more, not more food or filling, but more nutrients! Raw Alkaline food energizes the body, it gives all the nutrients and power a body needs without robbing it from all the energy needed for digestion. A raw food diet gives you power to live, thrive, move, to have fun and to repair and heal!

But what if you are the only one in your family or in your circle of friends who is eating raw, or trying to transition into a more raw plantbased diet? How to share your love for this great lifestyle with others who eat cooked food and without sacrifising your belives and without being forceful on others? My husband eats a lot of raw, so do my kids but they also eat  cooked food. I get a lot of questions about how to combine a raw and cooked family. Here are a few tips to make it a little easier and how not to sacrifice your own believes.

Tip 1

Always be prepared! When everyone is hungry, it is almost dinner time, it is easy and understandable to make a less responsable choice then you would want to. Plan a hour, hour and a half twice a week to prepare a stock of raw food, energy bars, soaked and died nuts, almond milk, crackers, dressings, dips, granola etc. Washing and preparing of your vegetables and fruit is also a thing which can be done in advance. It makes a Raw life so much easier! To be able to grab something good out of the fridge or pantry makes it worth your time!

Tip 2

To make life easier you do need good appliances! They have to do your work fast, easy and have to be cleaned with ease or else you will not use them as much as you intend it to. I enjoy my Blendtec blender every day, also my dehydrating oven, love it, anduse it a lot! When you live this great lifestyle, it is worth it to invest in good appliances which you use and enjoy.

Tip 3

When you are transitioning to a more raw akaline diet or are just not eating 100% raw is it still possible to eat with your family/friends. You can join them and fill your plate for 30% cooked food and the rest with raw salads, soups or even a smoothie.

Zucchini, tomato, red bell pepper, celery, fresh basil leaves, avocado and some himalaya salt and pepper

Tip 4

To make raw alkaline food does not have to be hard or time consuming, at least not every day! It is okay to eat something else then the rest of your family, I often eat something different like a soup or salad while they enjoy a ( partialy ) cooked meal.

Tip 5

It is great to make a meal in a buffet style, combining the two worlds. Works really good and it stimulates to eat and enjoy more raw food for everyone! A beautiful set table with lots of salads, dips and wraps combined with cooked quinoa, steamed vegetables and beans.

Bok Choi leaves, carrot salad with raisins, saurkraut, avocado, pumkinseeds, sesame/flax crackers, cucumbers, lettuce, lemon dressing and some nice herbs

Tip 6

What really works well at our house is to make our dishes in a raw or more akalizing way. Spelt muffins, oatmeal soda bread, eggless cake with coconut cream, all fruit ice cream…

Easy , quick and so good……..you will need some silicone shapes, frozen mango or fruit of your choice, bananas or berries are also great, a litle bit of coconut or almond milk, some vanilla powder and a blender! Just blend, freeze and enjoy!

Tip 7

Guests……..can be served great raw food without being told what to eat or not to eat! People respond really well to nic food made with love, raw or cooked. I love to inform those who are interested and the rest can enjoy some healthy, yummie food! Some raw vegetables with some great dips, some great juice, nic cold soup  for the summer, a wrap and of course a great raw dessert. You cannot go wrong there! Like this raw cacao roll….

A balanced diet of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and sprouts and some superfoods give your body optimum nutrients to thrive and does not have to be hard. It gives you energy to enjoy your life and to repare and keep your body whole!

Have a great day.



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